If you have been awarded a judgment but have been unable to enforce it, you are not alone. In fact, nearly 80% of all judgments in New York City are never collected since enforcement is your responsibility.

This is where recovery helps you. We have the ability to track down your debtor anywhere in the USA, if necessary, and legally uncover any assets he or she may have. experience in collecting Judgments in NYC and all of NY.

If your judgment amount is $2,500 or more, we will use every resource necessary to recover your full money plus any interest accrued since the last transaction date.

If you’ve won the case from small claims court, civil court, or the Supreme Court, this is just the beginning of collecting on outstanding debts. All the work may not be done on your part when you accomplish a favorable court decision against another party. It is essential to recognize as quickly as possible when it is difficult to collect the debt personally. An inability to collect it or enforce the court order requires some professional help. Our judicial systems may award you what is owed to you, but they cannot help with enforcement. The ramifications of people hiding their physical location, assets or income make it nearly impossible for the average person to locate them on their own. Taking that disadvantage and turning it into an obtainable, financial gain requires experienced debt collectors. To improve the success rate of judgment recovery, utilize a collection agency that understands the credit laws in New York State.

Judgment recovery requires extensive investigative techniques and tools to access the records that will disclose the required information. Skip Tracing allows advanced levels of efficient searching to locate any available and requested information. Our resources are extensive on a local New York basis, which will meet the needs to collect on amounts of $2,500 and up. Location services or skip tracing is often necessary to start the process. Skip tracing means locating the debtor using public records, private records and reviewing unpublished.records There are high percentages of debtors moving, so locating a current address is crucial in finding that individual. Searching in the private sector databases and published sector databases will provide insight on locating important information. Next is determining the level of assets, income and property and bank accounts available to secure. When property is available, property execution allows the authority to possess it and sell it to satisfy debts. That is our goal when if it is suitable to the amount payable.

Determining employment and employer physical locations are collaborated to include Federal and Internal Revenue procedure laws in collecting, via garnishments. Garnishing wages ensures a percentage of their salary is extracted per pay period until paid in full or employment ceases. Assets vary for each person, but it is possible to search databases and locate the proof of ownership. Then legal efforts are made to obtain the assets to recover what is expected. Bank accounts are another avenue to cover by locating them and placing a freeze from further spending, pending a hearing. During the hearing is when the debtor must provide proof to show that all or parts of the funds are exempt under the qualifying income guidelines (such as Veterans pay or SSI); anything lacking proof to indicate it is exempt is applicable towards the debt judgment. This can be an extremely useful tool in collecting money, once the court reviews the evidence.

American collectors have the advantage of being able to seek places of employment, residence and assets. They have the legal experience to establish garnishments, property liens, or to sell the property and assets to satisfy the debt.

What are some of the reasons it is not possible to collect? Truly being unable to locate the person, they do not own anything at all, and any income falls under the exemption rule. It is still worth checking because it will not cost anything to attempt to collect.

Working with local law enforcement is at times, a necessary step in locating people and seizing property and assets. An NYC Marshall or NYC sheriffs can assist in those matters when needed. Feel comfortable knowing all means are utilized to safely obtain property, and to locate individuals related to the case.

Compliance with state and Federal laws and regulations are a part of every aspect of our recovery business. The credit cycle is a highly diverse area to work in; incorporating a team of risk management to ensure every area is included during the search, seizure and legal processes.

12 Reasons why you need our help

1. Attempts to collect already failed.
2. Unable to locate the Debtor.
3. Personal searches only found historical records, nothing current.
4. Debtor is in another state, unsure of how to pursue them without a great deal of personal cost and personal time.
5. Prior communications with debtor were very negative or verbally abusive and may have contained threats.
6. Only able to search public records to seek property or assets.
7. Not enough time to personally pursue and collect the debt.
8. Don’t know enough about Collection laws and consumer protection laws. Getting involved could create a lawsuit against me.
9. Assets, property, income and bank accounts are all hidden.
10. Records are private and inaccessible to an individual.
11. The statute of limitations is nearing, and the debt is still outstanding.
12. Unable to follow court procedures to file liens against property, holds on bank accounts, or garnishments against wages

When any of the above reasons apply to personal circumstances during attempts to collect the judgment, then it is time to seek a professional collections agency. Don’t risk violating collection laws or failing to access all available records. Our systems and in-depth resources to make all efforts in collecting and recovering the debt in New York.  We have special access to private and public databases that enables us to skip-trace your debtor, even if he or she may be hiding.

We also have knowledge of collection law in all 50 states which allow us to garnish wages, attach bank accounts and seize other assets as necessary and allowed under law. All this is done without you ever having to confront your debtor. No Risk, No Upfront Fees to You. We do not charge either an application fee or any upfront fees of any kind.
What we do is take each case on a contingency basis and purchase your judgment for a percentage we are able to collect from your debtor. Any legal expenses or other costs incurred during your judgment recovery are advanced by us.
There is absolutely no risk involved. If we cannot collect your judgment, you do not pay. Simple as that. Call 718-478-7100 or submit your judgment for a free evaluation today for a free consultation! Isn’t it time justice was served and you get back the money you deserve?

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